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I welcome you and invite you to take a few moments to look around and see what we
have to offer.  We believe you will find that
we can meet all of your bookkeeping, tax,
and financial analysis needs.  And our motto "Quality Service at Affordable Prices" is
not just lip service, it is something we truly believe in.

Which functions can we perform for you?  We believe that what sets us apart is how we
answer that question.  We have no preconceived idea of what a prospective client
needs, and do not dictate the services that will be provided.  We simply ask questions,
lots of questions.  

Check out "The Difference" below.
About Us:

Samuel E. Henry CPA
Sam passed the Uniform CPA Exam in 1984 and has been employed by Fortune 500 companies and private
practice since 1981.

Prior to starting
Samuel E. Henry CPA Sam owned another bookkeeping and tax firm, General Business
Services in Fort Worth, Texas.
The Difference

We pride ourselves on digging into a clients' financial statements, analyzing the detail and
educating the client on how to read and understand their financial statements.  We take the
time to really understand the business and relate that understanding to the financial
statements.  We want the client to be able to look at their financial statements and understand
what the numbers say.  Most CPA's are simply too busy to take the time for this analysis.  We
want to change that paradigm and create an informational partnership.

Because of our extensive corporate and private practice experience we can provide you a
level of service unmatched by other bookkeeping and accounting firms.  Many bookkeepers
have experience in data entry, our experience is in the preparation of financial statements and
understanding the relationship between assets, liabilities, revenues and expenses.  We have
expertise in tax law (income tax, payroll tax) and Quickbooks.  Most importantly we give you a
"real world" financial perspective that most bookkeeping companies are simply unable to

We use proprietary client questionnaire's to help us understand your bookkeeping, income
tax, payroll tax, and other financial situations.  Our questionnaire is designed to pinpoint the
services you need and more importantly to isolate the one or two things that keep you awake
at night.  Perhaps you have a income tax or payroll tax concern, or even a Quickbooks
problem; we can help.  Our clients are amazed at the information we are able to gather about
their business and the insight into their business we can provide.

We are also able to perform any analytical functions our clients need.  If you have questions
like:  where did my cash go, do I have too much debt, am I carrying too much inventory, is my
Quickbooks set up right, would job costing help me; give us a call.

We stress to our clients that each of us has an expertise, ours is freeing you up so that you
can do what you do best, grow your business.  After all, you probably did not get into business
to become an accountant, and that's where we come in.
Are we a CPA Firm?

Yes.  Mr. Henry is licensed by the State Board of Public Accountancy to practice public
accounting in the state of Texas.  Because of this, we can provide Compiled Financial
Statements to owners and outside parties alike.
What specific functions do you perform?

While it is difficult to list absolutely everything we do, here is a least a partial list:

    Financial and Business Analysis
    Quickbooks Review                      
    Quickbooks Data Entry
    Individual Income Tax
    Corporate Income Tax
    Payroll and Payroll Tax
    Sales Tax
    Financial Statements

Please review the other pages of our website for more information.
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