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Individual Income Tax Returns

We take great pride in preparing our client's yearly income tax returns.  From individuals
to corporations we relieve the burden on you of maintaining knowledge of current tax law
changes.  Our individual income tax questionnaire documents the tax information our
clients provide and helps in maximizing deductions.

Many of our new individual tax clients ask us what documents to bring to the tax
interview.  The following list will help answer that question, but we also request that you
bring anything that you feel might be useful:

    W-2 for wages
    Form 1098 for mortgage interest and/or property taxes paid
    Form 1099 INT for interest income
    Form 1099 DIV for dividend income
    Form 1099 MISC for non-employee compensation or other income
    Form 1099B for the sale of stocks or bonds
    Form 1099R for retirement income
    Year-end summary statements from mutual funds
    Closing statements for the purchase or sale of real property
    Invoices or receipts for purchases of business equipment
    Statements or papers for financing
    K-1’s from partnerships, S-Corporations, or trusts

Sole proprietors should also bring all business records, paying special attention to
vehicle usage, employee benefit plans, and equipment purchases/retirements.
Business Federal and State Tax Returns

If you are already a bookkeeping client of ours we will need to get the prior year income
tax returns to load balance sheet items and corporate details into our software.  If
someone else has done your bookkeeping we will ask to see a current year and prior
year balance sheet and income statement.  Our first step will be to confirm that the prior
year books tie to the prior year income tax return.  We will also ask that you complete a
business tax questionnaire to help insure that no deductions are overlooked.  We also
ask for additional details on vehicle usage, employee benefit plans, fringe benefits and
equipment purchases/retirements.
What else can you expect as a client?  Our first year tax clients get their prior year
income tax returns reviewed for no charge.  We use a proprietary Tax questionnaire to
find out as much as possible about your current tax situation and then compare those
answers to the prior returns.  There will only be a charge if a prior year amended return
is prepared, and only with your approval.
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